What Is An Obsession Spell?

obsession spell

An obsession spell causes a person to become infatuated with the target of a spell. If you have a crush on someone that won’t even give you the time of day, this is the kind of spell for you. Countless women have used this obsession spell to make men obsess about them, call them often, and pursue them with enthusiasm. This spell is often cast on men already in a relationship or is distant acquaintances, but it can be used on anyone you desire to have an unhealthy attraction to you. Be forewarned that some men experience unpleasant side effects when using this spell, including sleeplessness or chronic illness. There are only a few spells more powerful in the world of magic than the Obsession Spell. This potent love spell is designed to help you attract love into your life, or in cases where you are already in a relationship, to intensify the bond between you and your partner. This could be exactly what you need if you want your crush to like you back as much as you like them. 

History Of Obsession Spell:

It is believed that the followers of Cybele used magic and obsession spells in ancient times, intending to harm their enemies. Obsession Spells were considered vengeful and cruel at one time, but they represent a more primitive understanding of the human heart and its desires. There are many variants of feelings and types of love magic, such as Arab Obsession Spells, Chinese Obsession Spells, Egyptian Obsession Spells, Australian Obsession Spells, Navajo Obsession Spells.

What If An Obsession Spell Went Wrong?

When an obsession spell goes wrong, it can be quite gruesome and dangerous since it doesn’t just impact one or two people: it impacts everyone involved. The person under the spell loses all control: their behavior becomes obsessive, and they can even develop addiction-like urges to pursue and watch over the object of the spell. Obsession spells require lots of preparation and advanced planning as well as a competent spellcaster. That said, once you’ve gone through the practice, material purchases, and additional information/details you can start performing the spell. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with an Obsession Spell.

Duration Of Obsession Spell:

The strength of an obsession spell lies in the potency of the ingredients and the level of expertise of the caster. For true Obsession Spells, you will want a master. The master caster uses a wide variety of spells that vary depending on the situation. The master also employs tools, resources, and materials that add quality, complexity, and intensity to the overall spell. The use of these items allows offering spells that can last from thirty days to 365-days. This is possible because the potency levels are so high, nothing can break them down or weaken their hold. Obsession Spells are highly nuanced. How long they last have more to do with the situation surrounding the spell than the spell itself. Fortunately, any Obsession Spell cast by a true practitioner of Art has some degree of flexibility. The earlier cast, the more time there is to prepare the target for the eventual outcome. 

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