Vedic Mantra To Destroy Enemies

Vedic Mantra To Destroy Enemies

Enemies will always be enemies, but how you deal with them can make all the difference. It does not matter how the enemy has hurt you; what matters is that you must learn to deal with enemies. If you do not want to take head-on with your enemies, try the power of Vedic mantras.  It is essential to move forward in life and achieve all you want to accomplish. Vedic mantra to destroy enemies is a powerful way of getting rid of enemies.  

You will surely know and understand who is your enemy and why h or she wants to harm you. It is essential to get them out of your life and defend yourself. While these things are easier said than done, you must seek divine interventions for complete protection against enemies. If you want to know how Vedic mantras can save you from enemies, this post will introduce you to various powerful mantras and their uses to destroy your enemies.

Know Your Enemy 

Your enemies may be different, and their intentions may also vary. Depending on the enemy you have, you must seek the right Vedic mantra to teach them a lesson. Sometimes, their intention may be to wreck you financially, or some other enemy may want to destroy your family. It is only when you know your enemy and rightly guess their real intentions. You will be able to protect yourself and your family. You can also deal with them accordingly. 

Stay observant of all close associates and people you know. You may know their behavior and read their real intentions. As you know what your enemy wants, you may use Vedic mantras to destroy your enemies if they have any wrong intentions against you. If you have enemies at your workplace, they might be jealous of your promotions. At the same time, there might be people who may want to harm you because of personal reasons. 

As you approach Vedic scholar and Baba Ji, he will help you know if any enemy is trying to harm you. Sometimes, it becomes tough to recognize who is your real enemy. Knowing them would help you step up your strategy. When you use the power of Vedic mantras to destroy enemies, you may be sure that no enemy can survive the wrath of the powerful Vedic mantra. 

 Stambhan Mantra For Enemy Destruction

When it comes to destroying enemies, the fiercest Goddess is Maa Kali. So, if you want to destroy your enemies, you have to recite the Maa Kaali Vedic Mantra. She is the foremost of all Mahavidyas and invokes destruction like no one else. One of the most potent Kali mantras are: 

“ Om kreem hoom kreen sarc shatru stambhinee ghor kaalikaayi phat” 

It is a potent mantra to invoke destruction for anyone who is your enemy and has harassed you. You can also invoke the mantra to ward off black magic and its evil effects. If you note that you are suffering back-to-back losses or illnesses, loss of money etc., you may have been struck with black magic. Recite this mantra with pure intentions. It will work against your enemies. When you feel that your enemy has been destroyed entirely and not in a position to harm you anymore, you may stop reciting the mantra.

Durga Saptashloka Mantra For Enemy Destruction 

The Durga Saptashloka mantra has seven mantras, and the last one is for enemy destruction. Goddess Durga is the embodiment of power, and she is known to defeat enemies. If you cannot deal with the vindictive ways of your enemies, you may recite the following mantra. 

“ Sarvabaadhaaprashmanah Trailokyasyaakhileshwari Avamev Tvayaa Kaaryamasmdvairi Vinaashnam”. 

 Chan this mantra 108 times a day; within a short time, you will notice that your enemy has begun to lose power and can’t harm you in any manner. 

Shani Mantra For Destroying Your Enemy 

The Shani mantra has strong malefic effects of destroying any enemy before they know it. If you have been suffering for long and do not want to sustain any more damage caused by your enemies, the Shani mantra is the perfect mantra. 

Shani has this one specialty. When it favors someone, it will take the person to great heights abut it turn against someone it can eradicate them. As you recite the Shani mantra and the name of your enemy, Shani would start working against the person. However, always consult an experienced person before reciting the Shani mantra against any enemy. Here is a part of the Shani mantra that you can repeat for enemy destruction. 

“Aum Sooryaputraa deerghdehoo vishaalaksh shivpraaye, Manddchaar prasaannaatmaa peeda haratoo mein shani nilaanjanaa” 

 However, be very specific when you recite this mantra. You can also pray to Lord Shani to protect you from your enemies. 

Along with reciting the Vedic mantra for destructing your enemies, you may also pray to Lord Hanuman Ji for complete protection against enemies. Every Tuesday and Saturday, offer puja to Hanuman Ji. He is the destroyer of evil and enemies. If he protects you, you will not have a reason to worry; no enemy can harm you. He will also punish the wrongdoers. 

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 The Vedic Mantras are highly effective, and they work against your enemies without you having to act or get into an argument. The mantras are potent vibrations that can bring blessings or curses to anyone’s life. Vedic mantras to destroy enemies are only to be used against enemies. So, if someone is genuinely bothering you and threatening your existence, it is only then you may use the power of the Vedic mantra. Any of these powerful Vedic mantras may never harm a noble soul. Also, learn the proper method for reciting each mantra and associated rituals. 

The Vedic mantra to destroy enemies may also work as Vashikaran. It will ruin any evil plans that your enemy might have against you. So, if you do not want to confront your enemy directly or know for a fact that any dialogue will not help as they would continue to harm you, use the Vedic mantra to destroy your enemy. 

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