Simple Mantras To Destroy Enemies

Simple Mantras To Destroy Enemies

No matter how well human beings we are, always surrounded by a lot of Enemy like our shadows. Success also comes with enemies, and the principal reason for having enemies is due jealousy of other’s success. It can be in any form like a relative who makes our life hell due to a property dispute, a man or woman who trap our Loved one in his or her grip or an influential but lousy person of the society who tortures us in any form and we are helpless in that situation. Are you also feeling yourself in the same condition and suffering from the action of these enemies? Are your competitors always play a foul game and make your life hell? Nothing to worry then, there is still a way to get rid of them by performing “Simple Mantras To Destroy Enemies”.  You can destroy those evil forces who made your life hell by using some simple mantra.

Some Simple mantras To Destroy Enemies

Many mantras are available to destroy your enemy, but in all cases, you should perform these mantras with utmost care because a little deviation from the standard procedure may lead it into another way which can cause a very adverse effect on your life. It is always suggested to consult some expert. These are the simple mantras to destroy your enemies.

Shani Mantra- One of the most effective and “Simple Mantras To Destroy Enemies” and it can be used when you only want to destroy your enemies not to kill them. Start performing this mantra on Saturday. Wake up in the early morning, take a bath with pure water preferably with Ganga Jal and sit down at a cool and calm place. Start chanting the Shani mantra as maximum time as possible, but it considered as Subh if you chant it 108 times or multiple of it, continuously and very clearly, with full concentration and with your calm mind and body. During the whole process remember the name of your enemy in your mind and every time after chanting the mantra say loudly “name of enemy with suffix Swaha.”

Durga Mantra- We all worship Maa Durga, and the Goddess is well known for destroying the evil forces in the world. Wake up in the very early morning and take a bath, if possible mix some Ganga Jal into the bucket and wear a single cloth on your body preferably white or saffron dhoti and sit down at some very peaceful place. Chant Durga Mantra 108 times or it’s multiple with a clear voice and a calm mind and after chanting the mantra each time say the name of your enemy with suffix Swaha. The result will be useful if you continue it for 108 days.


These “Simple Mantras To Destroy Enemies” can destroy your enemy in any form like a road accident or any other type of accident of your enemies, huge business loss, failure in competition or examination, family instability of your enemies, etc. It will be effective only if the performer is a good human being.

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