Signs Of Being Cursed By Black Magic

signs of being cursed by black magic

Before understanding signs of being cursed by black magic you must know what black magic is. Black Magic is a process as well as a study to cause malicious harm to someone. In occult practices, sorcery or black magic is the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. It consists of the conjuring of demons, spirits, or the dead, who are believed to do the magician’s bidding. You will find a lot of books on witchcraft and the myths around them. Are you worried about all the physical and psychological problems that you may be experiencing sometimes? Well, if so, then take a minute and think about this. All such problems should actually be seen as signs of a black magic attack. Since this is a very common problem these days, we have developed a simple way to detect it. It can be done by checking our individual horoscope and finding out where in the horoscope certain planets are placed. Quite clearly, if any planet is in a malefic sign or is positioned otherwise in a bad way then it becomes vulnerable to prevent Magic attacks. 

Are You Experiencing Signs Of Black Magic

Black Magic has been defined differently by various people at different times. Despite the seemingly harmless nature of the term “magic”, there is nothing good or light about black magic. Black magic is an art that is used by people to dominate, control & manipulate others. Black magic attracts problems in the form of bad luck, accidents, financial loss, etc. These can be about your family or business. It is used by your enemies, competitors, people who are jealous of you etc. Black magic destroys peace in your life and adversely affects your health & prosperity. If you are suffering from black magic then it will affect every aspect of your life including your love for your partner forever. Black magic is a form of knowledge that enables the one who practices it to perform supernatural acts. By performing these acts, we mean bringing about change to ourselves and our environment through rituals and practices that are pre-ordained as cause and effect. It is considered as negative magic as its results are bad for others, but good for the practitioner of the magic.

Ways To Get Rid Of Black Magic

  • The black thread tied in a loop with seven knots will keep away all kinds of curses and mantras. It is very powerful when tied around the right ankle of anyone suffering from black magic, especially when worn on auspicious days.
  • You can donate seven black clothes to different people on the night of Amavasya.
  • Camphor is also used to remove any negative thoughts that might be plaguing you. It will keep away all the evil rays that come your way, providing you with protection from black magic, supernatural powers and negative forces.

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The effects created by the negative energies of Rahu and Ketu can cause disruptions in your life. By chanting ‘Om Ram Rahave Namah’ and ‘Om Kem Ketave Namah’, you keep Rahu and Ketu away from your life.

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