Revenge spell on a ex Lover

Revenge spell on a ex Lover

Love is beautiful feeling and there should be love in every body’s life. But if a lover cheats or leaves you, it rips your heart apart. Such ex-lovers who treated you badly and left you heartbroken may be taught a lesson. Have you ever thought of casting a spell that would vent out all the negativity you have been pounding inside because of being cheated in love? “Revenge spell on a ex Lover” is a perfect way of earning some solace for the heartburn.

Formulating the revenge spell
Everyone has an aura or energy field around them. It is the same aura that causes us to be attracted to someone and repel some others. If you have been attracted to someone who left you feeling cheated and shattered, it may be their aura that affects their despicable behavior.
A wazifa or dua works on the aura of the person to weaken it and bring in the influences of negative elements in to his/her life. An expert in black magic is able to draw in all sorts of troubles into the energy field or aura of the person who caused you so much pain. They have to face similar anguish.

Why you need a black magic specialist for revenge specialist?
A black magic specialist casts the particular spell that harms your ex lover in the same way as you want. If you want him/her to crave for your love and want you back in life, within a few days of casting the spell you may find the same person after you.
If you want suffering for that person in different manners, the spell would torment your ex lover for the pain you faced. A black magic specialist uses their power to cast a “Revenge spell on a ex Lover”. The trap in the energy and uses them in a manner that harms them who harmed you.

The process of learning black magic
The rituals, practices and the performing the duas are well spelt in Quran. The black magic experts spend years to learn them and practice them in manner. It is only after years of practice that they get hold of such powers as to cast spells on people they want.

When you approach the black magic specialist they help you in following manner

  • They ask you what the exact kind of punishment you want for your lover.
  • Then you have to blank your mind of all thoughts except the punishment you want.
  • The expert then tells you read the dua aloud along with the punishment you want for ex lover.
  • End the dua or wazifa by seeking help from the dark energies to punish the person.
  • Repeat the words create the images in your mind and believe in their power to cause all the harm you want to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “Revenge spell on a ex Lover” is a perfect way of punishing from a distance. It brings along a sense of justice for being tormented.

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