Remedies For Extramarital Affair

Remedies For Extramarital Affair

Extramarital affairs are more common than society accepts them to be. Even after years of marriage, spouses get attracted to someone else, the reasons for which may never be known completely. However, astrology has explanations as to what causes one of the partners to drift towards someone else. Also, the remedial actions suggested by astrologers could help save your marriage and help you overcome the aftermath of a divorce. If you are looking for remedies for an extramarital affair, astrology could hold some of the keys. 

No wonder finding your partner cheating on you could be devastating. While it is easy to blame your partner for infidelity, sometimes the fault is in the planets, drawing the person towards a secret love affair. According to astrology, the dominance of Rahu and Kalyug are two of the main reasons for the increasing instances of extramarital matters. Relationships are immensely complicated, with layers of emotions and experiences involved. Often these are related to the planetary positions of the spouses. If you are going through a rough phase in your marriage and finding answers about what caused your partner to cheat on you, their birth chart may have the clue. 

Extramarital affairs can shake a marriage beyond any scope for repairs and leading to divorce. Astrology can suggest remedies to save your marriage and get your partner back even when experiencing feelings of pain and hopelessness. You can still find hope in astrological solutions, and your relationship could be back to what it used to be.

Stars And Planets Responsible For Extramarital Affairs 

Some of the plants that are responsible for extramarital affairs are as follows:

  • Mars- One of the most significant planets that control a person’s marital life and sexual expression. It has a very crucial impact on marriage and the possibility of extramarital affairs. 
  • Venus- It stands for emotional bonding in marriages and any other relationship. Now, if a person has Venus in combination with Mars, there is a possibility that extramarital connections may happen. On the other hand, if Venus is in combination with Uranus, then the affair is primarily due to the satisfaction of sexual attraction. 
  • Rahu- Many astrologers find that the dominance of Rahu in someone’s birth chart signifies extreme emotions. It is also responsible for mental tendencies that may drive a person towards an extramarital affair. 
  • Jupiter- It is the master plant that signifies a happy marriage. It prevents any extramarital affairs or attraction towards any other person. If the planetary position of Jupiter is weak, it can mean the chances of an extramarital experience. 

If you think that astrology has any remedies for these planets affecting your partner’s behavior? The answer is yes. Even when the planets are bound to influence, the remedies can save your marriage and prevent your spouse from having an extramarital affair

 Astrological Remedies For Extra Marital Affair 

Various astrological remedies might help you strengthen your relationship and negate the chance of extramarital affairs. Practice the following methods for a beautiful marriage: 

  • You can light camphor and place it in any area of your bedroom. You can do this any night you want. The purity of camphor signifies the holiness of marriage, so you have to do this with extreme faith to see the results. 
  • You can also write the name of the person you suspect your spouse is having an affair with and burn the seeds. It is a compelling way to disassociate your partner from any other person. 
  • Another astrological remedy is to spread Kumkum on the side of the bed where your husband sleeps and out-put it on your forehead as you utter the name of Goddess Parvati. At the same time, pray to Goddess Parvati to give you the strength to overcome the challenge and win your partner’s love. 

These remedies for extramarital affair can bring definite results if you practice them under the guidance of an experienced astrologer. 

Vashikaran As A Remedy To Extra Marital Affair 

The instances of extramarital affairs are increasing day by day. It is one of the main reasons for divorce. However, ending the marriage is always not the answer. Some alternatives can help you save the marriage and win back your partner. The Vashikaran mantra is one such powerful method. You will be able to win the love and companionship of your partner. 

One such potent mantra is “Ya laumaail bihakki ya ain ya ajimo.” Place your spouse’s picture in front of you and recite the mantra 108 times for 21 days. If you are complete the ritual for 21day, you will be able to get definite results within a brief period. 

The other potent mantra for stopping your husband from cheating is “Om Namah aadi purushya aamukh kuru kuru swaha.” If you feel that your husband is cheating, then you can recite this mantra once every night into ears once he is asleep. You can also repeat it inf front of your picture. As the mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva, you may pray to him to protect your marriage. The marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is hailed to be the perfect one. 

You may also chant the mantra “Om Kamehwar aanaya aanaya vashna kleem”. It is known as one of the most powerful husbands Vashikaran mantras. If you come to know that your husband is having a secret love affair, regularly reciting the mantra will bring him back to you. You can also keep repeating this mantra regularly for the well-being of your marriage. 


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As you recite one of these mantras with complete devotion, slowly, you experience changes in your spouse’s behavior. The distance may begin to dissipate, and the two of you again get closer to enjoy the bliss of married life. 

There could be reasons for an extramarital, more than what meets the eye. If you search for astrologers to solve your spouse’s issues wandering off the way of conduct, you must only trust experienced astrologers. They would analyze the birth chart of your partner and diagnose what is causing them to go for extramarital affairs. The astrological remedies for extramarital affair will help you lead and happy and healthy married life. 

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