Powerful Mantra To Stop Enemy From Harming You

Powerful Mantra To Stop Enemy From Harming You

Isn’t it annoying being a laughing stock due to your enemy’s constant jabs? If you want to stop your enemies by putting an end to such troubles, there is a specific mantra to stop enemy from exploiting you. These mantras are known to contain or immobilize your enemies from further damaging your life. These mantras are known as Stambhan Mantras.

Stambhan Mantra To Stop Your Enemies

  • The first Stambhan Mantra that you can try to stop your enemies is, “Om Va Va Va Ha Ha Gha Th Th.” 
  • To get your desire fulfilled, you must first recite the given mantra 1000 times, either on a Sunday or Tuesday, to attain Siddhi.
  • After you attain Siddhi, you need to fetch some black sesame seeds for the next step!
  • Hold the black sesame seeds in your hand while chanting the specific Stambhan Mantra 21 times. 
  • Once you finish reciting the mantra 21 times, you need to throw the black sesame seeds on your enemy’s body for whom you originally chanted the mantra. 
  • The black sesame seeds act as the channel to grant your wish by preventing your enemy from all activities of harming you!

The Second Type Of Mantra To Immobilize Your Enemy

  • The second type of Stambhan mantra to stop enemy is, “Om Namo Digambaraya Amukasya Aasan Stambh Kurukuru Swaha”. 
  • Just like the previous mantra, you need to attain Siddhi for this mantra to work successfully.
  • To attain Siddhi, you must recite this mantra in a graveyard 1008 times. You must also use salt as an offering while chanting the mantra carefully and diligently.
  • Once you finish with the recital, your wish will come true, and your enemies will get stopped and immobilized in all their rancorous actions against you.

An Important Note To Remember Before Practicing The Mantra

Using Stambhan mantra to stop enemy from bullying you and preventing their harmful activities is acceptable. However, you should not misuse these powerful mantras, or else it can ricochet back to you. These are protective spells that shield you from external resentful actions. 

Various powerful Navnath Shaabri and Tantrik mantras circulate in India and often get widely practiced by people to stop their enemies and get rid of them and their malicious and harmful aura. 

Benefits Of The Stambhan Mantra

The Stambhan Mantra is highly effective and powerful. It works wonders to conquer your wins by stopping your enemies from harming you and your life further. If you fall prey to the wandering evil eye of your enemy or get hexed by black magic, the Stambhan Mantra can alleviate you from such terrors. 

Sometimes, the Stambhan Mantra is also quite beneficial to stir fights at your enemies’ houses and cause havoc. By backfiring their notorious thoughts onto them, you can resume living your peaceful life.

Stambhan mantra to stop enemy can open your gates to prosperity and growth. It helps get rid of your sorrows, sadness, agitation, and qualms, which were the bitter doings of your enemy. 

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