Powerful Mantra to Kill the Enemy – kali Mantra

powerful mantra to kill

We all suffer a lot because of enemies and some enemies become nightmare to lead our life successfully. When life becomes miserable because of a person who unethically and violently troubles personally and professionally, we are left with no option except to destroy such person.

Killing enemy with the help of mantra is not affect them directly, Mantra will not directly show immediate impact like killing using a physical weapon but will definitely have impact on the result.To destroy or Kill Enemy, one has to take utmost care and be very dedicated, focused using this mantra on a person. Ethically and emotionally when we are suffering from any problem we always go for the rescue of our mother and mother of all mothers is goddess Kali who can kill the enemy.

Kali Mantra Chant will certainly help to kill the enemy:

Powerful Mantra to Kill the Enemy:

Kali Maar Ra Mali Ka Linmokshamonli}

Maamodet Tade Moma Rakshatatva Tvatakshar ||

If you have been affected by Black Magic or if you want unlimited power or if you want to protect yourself from enemies or if you want to take revenge on someone, chant the following mantra daily for atleast 108 times on regular basis with pure heart and body.

Hreem Kleem Chamundaya Namah ||

If you wish to make your enemy lose control of their life then use the following Mantra on daily basis for at least 21 times to get the result

Om Namo Takipramota Gouri [Name of Enemy] Aaruva Kuru – Kuru Swaha||

If you wish that you don’t want to have any enemies and live free, happy and comfortable life then chant the following Mantra every thursday during night-time for 108 times

Om Namo Bhairave Namah|

Mam Shatru Stambhane Kuru Kuru Swaha.

It is better to follow a regular routine to keep sindoor on forehead before going out and taking batch after you return home, also keeping a bowl of Salt in at the entrance of your home can help you get rid of enemies in your life.

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