Mantra to Kill Enemies

Mantra to Kill Enemies

The evil power exists in our earth in any form. It can also be in the form of supernatural powers or human form. Not only in this era, but “Mantra to Kill Enemies” are being used from the era of kings and queens. They also use to kill their enemies by using these mantras without battling in the battlefield. Since from that period these mantras are being used not only India but all over the globe.
We, the ordinary people always wanted to live a happy life without any disturbance of enemies, we always want to get rid of our enemies but not by killing them. But when our enemies do evil things like maran mantra or maran vashikaran, we need to defend ourselves. These mantras then help us to kill our enemies and protect oneself from them.

Power of the Death mantra?
It is recommended to perform the “Mantra to Kill Enemies” in surveillance for best results and to avoid any kind of mistake. It is said so as, if something goes wrong while performing the ritual, you may put yourself in a wrong situation. After the ritual is performed on your enemy, the mantra will give you outcome like, your enemy might get killed in a road accident, or death after permanent paralysis, brain hemorrhage, heart attack, etc. These mantras should never be used for fulfilling greed intentions, otherwise reverse and catastrophic results may happen. However, when enemies get their head filled with filthy intentions that they cost our personal life in return. It becomes impossible to resist even if we leave the place then these mantras or the rituals come to your rescue.

How helpful is the death mantra for the enemies?
A group of sadhus who are famous for performing these rituals or black magic ae known as Aghoris. They are worldwide famous for performing these rituals all over the world and they are being called to perform the “Mantra to Kill Enemies”. The mantra is performed all over the globe and known to be one of the most natural process to kill your enemy and is known as the Maran-mantra. The category from where these mantras come from, is the category of Rudrayamala Tantra.

Criteria to perform the ritual
The most auspicious time to perform these ritual is Ashlesha Nakshatra by using snake’s bone.
The time that is best suitable for performing the mantra at night or after sunset. You need to ensure that you are in a lonely place (cemetery is the best option) where no one disturbs you, as any kind of disturbance or comment while performing the mantra would backfire on you and would lead to a hazardous life.

Make a nail from the bone of a snake and chant the manta holding the nail in your hand and chant the mantra while remembering the name of your enemy. After the process is done bury the bone in your enemy’s residence.

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