Mantra to destroy enemies at workplace

Mantra to destroy enemies at workplace

The workplace is the place we need to have good positivity and support. We spend most of our time at our workplace with different types of people from different backgrounds. Few encourage us, support us and help us grow progressively, whereas few people try to pull down their colleagues and create serious trouble for their interests.  Here are a few Mantras that can help you destroy enemies at the workplace and progress in your career without any obstacles.

Destroy Enemy, As you get success in your life, the number of enemies also increases. The feelings of jealousy and hate are growing in people, and they cannot bear the success of anyone. With this jealousy, they create negative energy around you. They try their best to create problems in our lives and to destroy your happiness and success.

How to destroy the enemy?

All these people are your enemies, and you have to get rid of all these enemies. You can get enemies anywhere like in your neighbourhood, in relation, workplace, or even at your home. So you have to find the solution to get rid of all enemies quickly.

Kali Mantra is Every Affective    

Om Aim Hreem Kleem, Chamundaya Vichye Namah!

Chanting this or listening to this Mantra frequently can make you strong by destroying the enemies at your workplace and in your life, Kali is powerful to kill the harmful effects of our life.

Stambhan Mantra

Om Kreem Hoom Kreem Sarv Shatru Stambhinee Ghor Kaalikaayai Phat ||

Chanting the above Mantra for 108 times daily will be the most powerful when chanted using the enemy name at the end. Using the enemy’s character is like targeting the right person to visualize the person in mind while chanting. This Mantra shows a significant impact and is easy to follow.

Durga Mantra

Sarvabaadhaaprashmanah Trailokyasyaakhileshwari |

Avamev Tvayaa Kaaryamasmdvairi Vinaashnam ||

This Mantra is effective and has to be chanted daily till the news of the enemy’s destruction is heard.

Follow the daily routine of 108 times chanting and do with complete dedication.

Shani Mantra

Aum sooryaputraa deerghdehooo vishaalaksh shivpraaye |

Manddchaar prasaannnaatmaa peeda haratooo mein shani nilaaanjanaa |

Sambhasamm ravee pootramm yammagraajamm chayyyaa maarthandaaa |

Sambhoootamm tan namaamee shanaeeshvarammm ||

Shani Ji is mighty among all the planets; he has vast energy to take anyone to any level. Considering this fact, you can take his help to get rid of enemies at the workplace and use this Mantra to get progress in your career. Chant this Mantra daily without any mistakes and misspell for once, and you can see the results.

Important points to remember while using these Mantras

  1. Have a bath before chanting these videos
  2. Have a complete focus on your target
  3. Don’t use unnecessary words against the person
  4. Have Patience and never blame the diety for not showing immediate results
  5. Have faith and trust the process

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