Mantra for Enemy Death

Mantra for Enemy Death

Maran mantra, is the mantra that is used to kill or harm your enemies which is equal to death. This is the “Mantra for Enemy Death” that you can use for your enemy without their consent. These mantras always help you to take revenge from your enemies. Maran mantra is generally prohibited to use commonly. This is the ultimate weapon that one can use against your enemy for different reasons like self-protection, defending yourself from enemy’s evil powers or in extreme cases to destroy enemy or to kill them whose powers needs to be defended for good cause. One who is being bullied every day by people who use evil ways to harass someone, can use this mantra to teach them a lesson or to punish such evil persons who stands against humanity. This the capital punishment and is the ultimate one.

What is the Mantra?
You need to recite the “Mantra for Enemy Death” in front of the human bone for a week during night on a cemetery. Gradually, on the seventh day you need to burn the bone and remember the enemy. After this it is nearly impossible to save your enemy from death. You need to recite the mantra each night 1000 times to hypnotize your enemy.

How to use this Mantra?
When there is a period of Ashleha Nakshatra (Alpha Hydae Constellation) you need to make a nail from snake’s bone.
Now take the bone in your hand and chant the mantra 7 times and ensure that you remember the name of your enemy.
Now you bury the bone in the residence of your enemy while chanting this “Mantra for Enemy Death” .

Om namo bhagwate vishwamitraya namah Sarvamukhibhyam vishwamitragyamatiagachh swahh
The enemy mantra- to destroy your enemy- Maran mantra- to remove maran vashikaran mantra.
This mantra ensures you that it will give immense trouble to your enemy that is equivalent to death. The mantras come both in Hindi and English language so that any of our chanter feels difficult to read the mantra or to perform the ritual by easily reading and understanding them.

What does our mythology say about the Mantra?
In many of our Vedic astrology and Yajanas it is clearly said that when you want to defeat enemies in their evil schemes you can chant “Mantra for Enemy Death” or do pujas like Baglamukhi Pujan, Kalabhairav Pujan, Sudarshan Mantra, the Dasamahavidya Pujan, Kali Pujan which you can instantly use to defeat your enemies.

The Result
The Result is confirmed death of your enemy. With the help of this mantra it is confirmed that you will be able to take all your revenge or defend and protect yourself from all the evil supernatural powers of your enemy. This is your ultimate weapon or brahamastra that you use against your enemy.

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