Kill Enemy Mantra

Kill Enemy Mantra

Kill Enemy Mantra

In any period of the world whether ancient or modern, there is always lots of Enemies surrounded us, so Black Magic or mantras to Get Rid of them. These enemies can exist in any form like relative whose eyes are on our property, a man or woman whose eyes are on our loved one, a business competitor, office guys who always trying to drag us in filthy office politics or an opposition who want to destroy our empire. We always wish to get rid of them for our peaceful life. Have you ever affected with these situations? Or are you still suffering from these? If yes, then nothing to worry about. There are solutions to get rid of them by reciting or performing “Kill Enemy Mantra”. You can destroy those evils who made your life hell by using this mantra.

What is Kill Enemy mantra?

“Kill Enemy Mantra” is called ‘Maran Mantra’ or ‘Uchchatan Mantra’ is used to kill your enemy or to torture them nearer to death, generally used by helpless people to get revenge. It is not only performed in India but it gained popularity all around the world. You can destroy or kill your enemy in any forms by using this powerful mantra, like the death of the enemy by accident, death of the enemy by a heart attack, paralyzing the enemy and put them in bed for a lifetime, etc. It should never be used for personal greed otherwise catastrophic result may happen.

Some Famous “Kill Enemy Mantras”

The popularity of these mantras varies significantly around the place. Here are some noted and popular mantras to kill your enemy.

  • One of the most famous and easy to perform Kill Enemies Mantra is the ‘Secret Aghori’ mantra from the category of Rudrayamala Tantra. This a simply a stand-alone maran mantra. It is used to perform in Ashlesha Nakshatra by using the bone of a snake. Take a bone of a snake and make a nail from the bone. Keep that bone in your hand and chant the mantra ‘Om shurshure swaha’ seven times while remembering the name of your enemy. Now dig the pit in the property of your enemy where he or she is used to living and bury the bone inside that pit.
  • Another famous mantra is Rudra mantra came from the same category of Rudrayamala Tantra. A powerful mantra to kill or destroy completely your enemy but should perform very cautiously. One who wants to kill their enemy should stand naked in standing water and chants the mantra ‘Om shurshure swaha’ 1010 times while remembering the name of the enemy. After that perform the havans 101 times i.e. pick some water in your palm and put it back into the water with folded palm while reciting the above mantra and continuously remembering the name of your enemy in your mind.


In the worst situation when someone steals our precious or property forcibly and we are helpless in that situation as because the opponent is used to very powerful. These situations affect our lives a lot psychologically or mentally. “Kill Enemy Mantra” is very useful to get over these situations but should always be performed for good cause.

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