How to Put a Curse on Someone

How to Put a Curse on Someone

If you ever thought of “How to Put a Curse on Someone”, the Islamic black magic could help you to do the same. There are times when some hurts you so badly that you feel like cursing them back. The sweet revenge when you see the curse manifesting and the person suffering they way they made you suffer; you may get some solace of the wound they caused you.

What does Curse means for Islamic Mullahs?
The Islamic thought propagates the idea that whatever good happens to people occurs only with the blessing of almighty. So to imprecation someone the Mullah removed him from the blessing of Allah. It is then the bad influence of imprecation or the black magic acts on them. They can manifest into bad luck. They Islamic tradition of evil eye or black magic and Jinn are mentioned in both the Quran and the Hadid.
The Mullah has knowledge of the detailed process of the hurling curses. They are directed to that specific person who caused you pain.

When to curse some one
Whether someone broke your heart or cheated you of your wealth and property, you can take help from Muslim mullah to curse them. As the curse manifests, they feel the same kind of pain and they are taught a lesson. If you searching for “How to Put a Curse on Someone”, there are several types.
The curse can be for a short period of time when the person suffers the kind of losses you want. However curses should be made only when someone anguished you. It should not be too often and for petty reason.

The process of putting curse on Anyone
As you approach the Mullah is dictates the process of putting the curse on some one. There certain rituals that must be followed exactly the way they are meant to be. As the rituals are followed the spell then takes some time to emancipate.

Putting the curse involves transfer of negative energy. But first you have to absorb the negativity to transfer it to the person on whom the spell has to be cast. Some common steps are followed for putting the curse on anyone you intend to punish.

  • Make you mind first because once the spell is cast there is no point of return.
  • The mullah may ask for a photograph of the person on whom the spell has to be cast.
  • It needs special dua for each type of spell. If someone has broken your heart and you want to punish the person with similar pain. There is special dua for that.
  • The revenge dua must be addressed to specific person.
  • The process may be repeated after sometime.

How to negate the ill effects of revenge black magic?
Once you feel that the revenge has been met, the revenge spell can be negated. Ask the maulvi for the dua to negate the spell of you feel troubling someone for some time. “How to Put a Curse on Someone” is easy and also make them realize their mistake.

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