How to Make a Voodoo Doll for Revenge

How to Make a Voodoo Doll for Revenge

The voodoo doll is known to bring in good luck; they can be used for bringing in negative effects as well. The voodoo spells for revenge are the most powerful and bring devastation and suffering like no other spell. But they have to be cast by professional spell casters; otherwise they may not be as effective and fall flat. You may learn “How to Make a Voodoo Doll for Revenge” from a voodoo master. The voodoo dolls can really draw in negative energy and direct it to the person to whom harm must be done.

History of voodoo dolls
The immense popularity of voodoo dolls, their portrayal in movies has given rise to much misconception about them. A brief idea about their origin and the original purpose they were used should be helpful.

  • The use of Voodoo dolls is linked with ancient African tribal culture.
  • The Voodoo dolls have been traditionally used to instigate the evil
  • They are part of ‘black art’.
  • They have elements folk magic and animism used in various contexts.

Steps to make voodoo doll to harm some one
Visualize the person when you make the doll
As you prepare the doll you have envision the person you want the negative spell to work on. The connection established between you and the doll is that of the negative feeling that you harness about that person. The doll must symbolize the person on whom you are going to get the revenge. Important steps for “How to Make a Voodoo Doll for Revenge” are as follows.

  • For the worst revenge with voodoo dolls you may get the voodoo doll with a printed image of the person. As you look into the image pour down all your negative feelings upon the doll. Sew every fabric and every thread with immense negativity.
  • You can use personal objects of the person you want to harm. Like fabrics from dresses they wear a lock of hair or some fabrics from their bed sheets to sew the doll.
  • As you sew the doll, think the doll to represent the person you want to harm and inflict all the angst on the doll. Envision the doll to suffer as you want the person to suffer.

Why Clearing of the Previous Energy is Required
If you are using an old voodoo doll you must clear the doll of all the pervious energies. The doll must be instilled with the new negative energy directed to the person you want to take revenge on. Some experts suggest washing the doll with salt water.

Using voodoo dolls for evil
Using pins is one of the commonest methods of using voodoo dolls to take revenge on someone. Prick various color of pins with a strong imagination of inflicting pain to the person doll symbolizes. Use red pins for pricking in the head and various other parts. This is vital for “How to Make a Voodoo Doll for Revenge”.

Simultaneously invoke the spirit to act on your behalf and inflict pain to the person.

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