What Is A Voodoo Doll And How To Get Rid Of A Voodoo Doll?

how to get rid of a voodoo doll

A voodoo doll is a fetish usually made from a small stuffed cloth doll with magical symbols. Such a doll is joined at the shoulders, which allows the arms to be positioned with hands extended outward. The feet are designed in a manner to facilitate carving in magic symbols for specific purposes. It is used as a magic channel and has since been adapted for use in different faiths. Voodoo dolls hold an important place in many people’s spiritual beliefs and traditions. You should never underestimate their ritual or symbolic power, and you should know how to get rid of a voodoo doll for your safety. A voodoo doll comes with magical symbols. This Voodoo doll is the practice of sticking pins into a doll to cause pain or discomfort in the subject on which it is modeled. The aim is to magically harm the intended victim. This is often accomplished by using sympathetic magic, such as by using a doll resembling the victim and pinning their photograph onto it. Voodoo dolls are also used in necromancy and witchcraft to curse one’s enemies or victims. Sometimes they might be used for problem-solving purposes in life. A Voodoo doll might be created to resemble a person in the hopes that it will take on some of the physical adversity or illness that might be suffered by that person. The purpose of this magic is to remove the affliction from the afflicted person and place it upon the effigy.

Know Its History Of Voodoo Dolls:

Voodoo dolls began as sacred objects for traditional voodoo priests and priestesses to use when casting spells on people. However, when they began to be made and sold by witch doctors in Haiti, the practice, while exorcising evil spirits to bring good luck to the bearer, became more of a superstitious object. The term Voodoo doll commonly describes an effigy into which pins are inserted. Such practices are found in various forms in the magical traditions of many cultures across the world. You’ll get to know how to get rid of a voodoo doll in this article.


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How To Get Rid Of A Voodoo Doll Without Any Risk?

How To Get Rid Of A Voodoo Doll is a question that all sensible people must face sooner or later. Voodoo dolls intended to harm a person can cause serious problems, and that’s why you should get rid of them. It has been thought that they must be buried to release their spirits, but now it seems that fire is the best way to solve the problem. If you want to know more ways how to get rid of a voodoo doll, try these simple and effective methods: 

  • Throw the doll in the bin and replace it with a toy. 
  • Fling it far away from your home to ensure that its evil powers won’t follow you home. 
  • Wear the voodoo doll until it falls apart, rendering any evil powers useless.

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