How to Curse Someone

How to Curse Someone

If you are curious about the ways on “How to Curse Someone”, then you will be thrilled to know about the various black magic spells that exist and have assisted people in either successfully cursing their enemies or achieving their desires.

Mayong, which is popularly known as the Indian capital of witchcraft, is where black magic initially transpired. It is a famous spot for palm readers, and many people visit this mystical place to learn the art of witchcraft.

The Intrigue About How to destroy Someone Existed Since the Ancient Times
During 1980, Ancient Rome propelled the popular concept of the “bath curse tablets.” It was a belief that anyone who was a victim of theft had the power to curse their traitors. There are 130 Roman curse tablets in total, made of leads and stones used to evoke the Roman Goddess of Justice, Sulis Minerva, to curse the thieves of their stolen properties.

Evil Eye, the Popular Curser
The evil eye has a powerful superstitious undertone that knows “How to Curse Someone”. Many hold a strong belief about how eyes have the power to kill enemy. A scientific explanation stated that the evil eye had an innate ability to radiate invisible energy rays that, in some cases, are strong enough to kill children or even small animals.

It is a known fact that some people possess a strong ability to inflict harm on others due to their evil eye. Their power of the evil eye can bestow with a curse of unfortunate events on their enemies.

Vashikaran Curses to Fulfil Your Desires
Vashikaran is one of the most popular ritualistic practicing branches that delve in the realm of charms and incantations. It provides you with some of the best mantras and curses that help you in different ways like getting back your lost lover, controlling your husband, solving marital and familial problems, and more.


Voodoo Dolls Are the Gateway to Curse
Originated in West Africa, voodoo dolls are a successful portal through which people are known to curse. Voodoo dolls have become a powerful conduit for spirits that can help you destroy enemies.

If you want to know the art of “How to Curse Someone” using voodoo, you can make a visit to voodoo professionals who can help you. They invoke the spirit of Legba, by using bones, chicken and tobacco. By invoking the spirit, the voodoo professionals can now construct the voodoo doll that is made to look like the targeted person on whom the curse will be inflicted. After the voodoo doll is prepared, it is kept near the vicinity of the targeted person for your curse to work.

Voodoo Dolls Can Help You Curse
If you are looking to cause harm to anyone, you can also invoke the Ghede spirits as they are known for their corruptive ways of inflicting harm.

With the invocation of Legba and the Ghede spirits, you are bound to master the art of “How to Curse Someone”.

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