How To Cleanse Black Obsidian Easy Way

how to cleanse black obsidian

Black Obsidian is known as the protector, and for a good reason. Not only does it attract protection from all types of harm, but this type of Obsidian is powerful at restoring energies that were once filled with negativity and turning them positive. Use Black Obsidian to remove negative forces and instill a sense of protection and wisdom during times of uncertainty; this is one you’ll want by your side. It is essential that you know how to cleanse black obsidian. You may also want to perform the crystal-cleansing ceremony known as smudging with palo santo or sage. After you’ve cleansed your stone either with clear quartz (which is known as the mother of stones) or smudging with palo santo, trust that your Black Obsidian is now ready for its next energy work that you may need. Here are some methods of how to cleanse black obsidian:         

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian With Moonlight?

You should know how to cleanse black obsidian with moonlight. The soft energy of the crescent moon will charge this stone, and you will receive the strong, grounding qualities of Black Obsidian. Many stones and crystals love the moonlight. You can charge and cleanse your Black Obsidian stone in the lunar energy by setting it outside when the moon is at its largest and brightest. Because Black Obsidian is a grounding stone, it can be helpful to sit your stone on the earth. This stone can help shed negativity and block out thought patterns that are not healthy for you. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian With Sound?

Sound has a powerful role in the healing process. Get to know the healing power of sound by using a tuning fork, singing bowl, or chanting for your Obsidian stone. Incorporate your Obsidian stone in a cleansing ceremony to clear pollution from it by placing it in a bowl of sea salt and playing the sound of the Tibetan Buddhist chant Om. Chanting Om opens many doorways by connecting you to frequencies in this realm and other realms. It will also magnetize the negative energy around you to itself, pulling out any pollutants that have attached themselves to the stone. Sound ceremonies are an excellent way to connect with Black Obsidian because it helps ground the spiritual energies that surround you in your physical world. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian With Salt?

Salt is the ultimate tool for cleansing and purification, and Black Obsidian can be used to cleanse and purify your soul. It has been used for centuries during various religious ceremonies and rituals to cleanse souls of evil. When rubbed against a Black Obsidian bracelet, salt crystals can also remove negativity from the piece while preserving its beauty. This is a great way to keep your stones clean and clear of negative energy. Just place each stone in a different bowl filled with sea salt for six hours. It will be cleaned automatically.

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How To Cleanse Black Obsidian With Smudge Method?

If you want to know how to cleanse black obsidian, smudging is a highly effective method of cleansing and healing. To smudge your Black Obsidian stones, light a white sage bundle as you normally would and perform a ritual around your stone – either with a meaningful prayer or by envisioning a beneficial effect for your stone. Pass the stone through the smoke created from the sage bundle to cleanse the stone from negative energy.

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