Curse Someone who has Wronged You

Curse Someone who has Wronged You

Are you angry with someone because they have wronged you? Are you looking for a way to seek revenge? Well, in this greedy world, every person is jealous and hungry to have hands-on power and better resources. Often this can lead to wrongdoing and hurtful behavior. If you are a victim of such a case, you can choose to hurt the person by putting a curse on them.
Here, in this article, you will find a few spells you can use to “Curse Someone who has Wronged You”. It will inflict them pain and agony, as a cost of hurting you.

Cursing someone to make them lose inspiration
This is one of the most commonly used curses. This curse helps in stealing the dedication and inspiration of someone’s life. It would make them feel helpless and broken as this curse will make them lose their goal. For this, you would need a cloth puppet, needle, and thread along with the person’s handwriting or picture, a pen for drawing a curse sigil, cotton balls, empty jars, and some sticky molasses.
You need to draw the curse sigil on the picture or handwritten note of your enemy and pin in the puppet’s middle. Next, fill the head of the puppet with cotton balls to get their vision blurred and confused. The puppet represents your target. Hurt the puppet as an act of hurting the person and then put in the empty jar and cover it with sticky molasses to keep it stuck.

Cursing someone with bad lucks
You can “Curse Someone who has Wronged You” and watch them suffer in the same way you did. Through this spell, you can bring back untold lousy luck to your enemy. It can be cast from far away too. All you need to have is a candle, paper, red pen, and a photo of your target.

You need to sit on the floor, with your legs crossed at midnight. You need to then light the candle. Focusing on its flame, you need to think about all the bad he has done to you. Using the red pen, you need to write his/her name behind the photo. Next, close your eyes holding the photo of your target, and chant the following mantra:
“I invoke the highest power to come forth and curse (the person) with bad luck. This person has hurt me with cruelty. Have them feel the pain they caused me.”
Once done, burn their photo using the flame and then put the ashes next to the candle and blow it. You will see visible changes in that person’s life in no time.

Apart from it, you can also put a friendly curse, the curse of sleep, on the person who has hurt you with his wrong deeds. These spells have the power to make a person sick, go mad, and would bring them misfortune in their life. However, after a certain point of time, you can choose to reverse the spell you have caster on someone to “Curse Someone who has Wronged You”. Once you feel that your enemy has suffered enough, you can switch the spell and get things back to normal.

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