Black Magic Revenge Spells

Black Magic Revenge Spells

Revenge seeking may not always be the catharsis we hope for, but it can surely restore a sense of self-worth and power within a victim of betrayal. Revenge is carefully and intricately laced with pleasure.
So if you want to avenge the pain caused to you by someone who you loved and trusted, then you can indulge in some “Black Magic Revenge Spells”! It is a channel through which victims of betrayal can avenge their pain and sorrow.

“Black Magic Revenge Spells” Exist and Work Effectively
You might be drawn to the idea of casting a revenge spell on your betrayer, but you probably might not have the know-how about the process. The best solution for novices is to ask for help from a professional spell-caster. Professionals who have better idea about witchcraft and black magic can assist you correctly and help you choose the right spell based on your situation.

Important Criterion to Cast Revenge Spells
It is believed that for you to cast “Black Magic Revenge Spells”, you must first be headstrong and resilient for the spell to work. According to modern witches, you need to be very careful when dealing with black magic or it can backfire. This is the most important disclaimer for conducting black magic.

The Ingredients Needed To Cast Your Spell
Once you are determined to cast your revenge spell, you must have the following requirements in your arsenal:

  • A picture of the betrayer
  • A pit of fire
  • Their full name
  • An incense of any kind

The Steps to Begin the Ritualistic Process
After you get hold of all the ingredients, set the ritualistic process into motion by following the below steps:

  • First you need to light a fire.
  • After lighting the fire, add an incense of any kind.
  • Once the fire burns steadily and the incense has been added, you need to start imagining your betrayer standing in front of you. This will trigger your anger.
  • Now take your betrayer’s picture and start remembering your betrayer. This will soon fill you up with wrath.
  • You can also start drumming to make the chant more powerful.
  • At this stage you need to start chanting the following mantra out,
    “Dear Goddess Adrestia, do you hear my cry? For (your enemy’s name) suffer every day
    Rather than wishing that person to die, please make them feel what I feel
    Make their heart full of blue and take away what they love most
    Leave them a life of suffering and depression Can you hear my prayer?
    Then mote it be”
  • Once you finish the chant, immediately take the photo and burn it in the fire.
    It is believed that for such “Black Magic Revenge Spells” to work effectively it is necessary to conduct them on a Saturday in the presence of the black moon. Make sure to follow each and every step to the letter. It is important for you to be focused for your spell to work effectively.

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