Astrological Remedies For Family Disputes

Astrological Remedies For Family Disputes

Your family is an essential part of your life. Though everyone wishes for a happy family, the ugly fact is that problems and disputes occur. Sometimes, they are minor to get resolved during day-to-day life; however, if family discord continues to cause a rift or a fallout, it’s a significant loss. Do you know that wrong planetary positions may also cause family troubles? A malice planet in your horoscope may cause discontent in family life. When ego clashes and lack of understanding refuse to dissipate even after all possible efforts or problems refuse to go away, the adverse effects of plants may be causing the feud. The astrological remedies for family disputes have bestowed peace on family families. 

The ancient Vedic science observes that the planetary position has a vital influence on family structures and the environment. It also provides several remedies for family disputes. It is crucial to study the horoscopes to find what is causing the suffering and reduce the intensity of the problem. Here you will know about various astrological remedies for family problems.

 The Causes Of Family Disputes 

Families often face disputes for many reasons—from interpersonal clashes to external reasons causing trouble for your family. Before you seek astrological solutions for your family disputes, it is crucial to identify what is causing the problem. Sometimes, it may also happen such that your family may be facing several unforeseen troubles, and you fail to comprehend the cause of the situation. Astrologers may study your horoscope can understand the cause of the problem, and suggest effective remedies. 

Some common problems affecting families are: 

  • Ego clashes among family members. 
  • Jealousy among family members.
  • Disagreements or clash of opinions. 
  • Monetary differences may also cause family troubles. 
  • Enemies may also try to harm your family. 
  • A planetary position may also harm the peace and prosperity of the family.
  • Vastu dosha of the house in which the family lives also influences the family. 

 Various other factors can bring discord to your family. Through astrological remedies, you can save your family and live together happily. 

Common Astrological Remedies For Family Problems 

A happy family needs care. The family members have to work constantly towards peace, prosperity, and harmony in the family. Do not ignore the minor problems as something that may seem insignificant today may escalate to something big in the future. Safeguard your family from any evil eyes or unwanted troubles; astrological remedies are a perfect solution. 

Some common astrological remedies are for harmony in your family are as follows:

  • Being your day with a prayer to Lord Ganesha- According to Hindu mythology, he is the troubleshooter or protector from problems. Hailed as the “ Vigna Harta” or the killer of all troubles, he will protect your family if the entire family prays to Lord Ganesh. 
  • Sprinkle Your House With Holy Water- Holy water has the power of dissipating negative energy from your house. Regularly sprinkle your home with holy water to bring in positivity. 
  • Keep Salt In Corners of Your House- Salt has the power to absorb negative energy. So, you can keep salt in a clear container in some corners of your house. You can also add a pinch of salt to the water while you mop the floor. 
  • Water Tulsi Plant Regularly- Place a Tulsi plant in the North-East corner of your house. You can also light a lamp or essence sticks in front of the sacred plant. It is said to absorb negative energy from your home.
  • Keep Rock Crystal At Your Home- Rock crystals are also beneficial for maintaining peace and harmony in the house. 
  • Keep “Hawan” or in your house a few times years. It helps bring positive energy to your home and help your win against the odds. 

Chanting Mantra And Its Power 

The ancient Vedic science recognizes the power of mantras and their role in bringing families together. Here you will know about two potent mantras that protect your family and help you prosper. Chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivay” 108 times daily. The simple mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva helps you earn his blessings and protection for your family. You can also chant the Gaytri Mantra for a happy family. Recite the Gayatri mantra 108 times every morning. It helps to strengthen your aura and strength to fight against any problem that may threaten your family. 

There are various astrological remedies for family disputes

Remedies For Griha Kalasha 

“Griha Kalash” or family dispute could be a significant source of stress for anyone. It leads to an atmosphere of suffocation and may also lead to numerous unfortunate incidents in a family. To prevent any such thing from happening to your family, you can take some simple steps like the following: 

  • Place a Sphatik Shivlinga in your house.
  • You can throw water to flowing wishing happiness for your family. 
  • Urge every member of the family to meditate every day. Regular meditation practice will help them stay focused and keep their tempers in control.
  • Donate food to poor people. You can also donate blankets or other necessary stuff. 

Vaastu Shastra For Happy Family 

Often a family may start facing financial problems or internal clashes after moving into a new house. It may happen due to the Vastu Dosha of the house. The Vaastu or energy of the house may influence the family. You can do a few things to improve the Vaastu of your home. They are as follows: 

  • You can place the picture of a waterfall in your house. The image of a waterfall helps you revitalize your energy. 
  • You can place or images or statues of Lord Buddha in your house. 
  • Do not forget to clean your house and do not keep any clutter in the vicinity of the place. It disturbs the positive energy of the house. 


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You can also visit an astrologer to study the birth chart of the family members and find out if the planetary positions may be causing you the trouble. Often, Rahu may cause family disputes and disturb the peace. The astrologer may help you seek solutions and help you lead a family life. So, if you are facing any such trouble, it is high time that you seek astrological remedies for family disputes and drive away from the conflicts. 

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